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Privacy Policy

Yes, I have a privacy policy, every site should have one at least to let their users know what’s going on behind the curtain, I promise nothing is going on the curtain here, just a few thing you should know about the site, the kind of information that is collected and how these information are used on and off the site

Cookie use

This site has cookies, like most sites today do. But the cookie is only used to improve user experience while navigating through the content of ManychatXYZ. The information in the cookies are not used outside of this site. This site is built with WordPress, there are tons of WordPress plugins that are making the site run effectively. These plugins only use the data collected from user on the site only.

Login and registration

You can register, you can login to become a member of our community and the information provided there are not displayed without permission from the user. We don’t ask for social media login details or Instagram account password. The Facebook login does not in any way compromise password of user as this is done using the Facebook Application Programming Interface.

Comment, Moderation and Terms of use

A user may be banned from this platform or have their IP blocked from accessing the website if they involve in any malicious activities on the site, no prior warning may be given before the ban. Similarly, users who abuse others using the platform or are deemed offensive may be warned, then banned for 1 week, before they are completely removed from the platform. In your interaction and argument with others on the platform, do not resort to insult, cyber bullying or any troll-like related behavior. Such behavior are frowned at in our forum and goes against our community standard. That users are aware of this privacy policy and terms of use which was published on Friday 27th October 2019, and is subject to modification.