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Privacy policy

This is the privacy policy of this website and it is dated Tuesday December 3rd 2019, and it address how each user will use the platform for the benefit of everyone and we will also disclose information about the kind of information we collect via cookies.

Cookies and logins

Our website does not collect user data without their prior permission, each new user is given an option to opt in or opt out of our cookies, and these cookies does not in anyway collect sensitive information about a user or is the information transferred out to a third party. The data collected is only used to improve user experience while navigating the website and nothing more.

Terms of use

Every user is responsible for what he/she post in the comment or share in the forum. The administrator might as well delete or moderate a comment if it is deemed abusive or goes against our community standards or intended to bully another member of the community. At first, the user may be served a warning, further which a temporal ban is placed for a period of one week. If such user continues in such act, their account will get terminated and will be ineligible to create new account even with a different email. This privacy policy was last updated on Tuesday 3rd December, and is subject to moderation.

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