How To Create OR Sign Up On Telegram Account Without A Phone Number

Telegram account is a social media platform just like other social media telegram account can send and also received message from friends and loved ones.

Due to the requirements of asking for a phone number before registering on a telegram some telegram users don’t find it convenient putting their phone number in there telegram account so we find it also necessary in how you can sign up on telegram free without phone number. On this article we will be giving you a guide on how you can go about this process.

Having known that Telegram messaging app is one of the best messaging app that anyone can think of having an account with because of it tons of features that it have which other messaging app do not have. One of the most important thing you need to know about a telegram is that you cannot sign up on telegram Account without a phone number but today we can give you a trick that works so that you can be able to sign up on telegram Account with a coded phone number different from your own personal phone number.

Below are the guideline to register on telegram Account without a phone number. 


First visit the text now google app to get different phone numbers.

TextNow – free text + calls – Apps on Google Play

here is the link for text now app

In the settings section u can see your number .

1: Once you have signed up for the app and have your fresh number ready to be used on Telegram.

2: Open up Telegram and enter your TextNow number.

3: Wait for the verification code, you may receive an SMS immediately if not then try again.

4: Enter the verification code and you are done!

Enjoy Telegram with a completely unknown number you can try this now by following the simple steps given below. 

Create a Telegram account online | Telegram account Sign up portal without phone number.

  • First, go to Telegram Sign up portal at
    Select your country
  • Enter your phone number with your country code and click on “Next”
    Confirm your Number before proceeding
  • Then a code will be sent you by Telegram messenger online
  • Enter the code in the space provided and Telegram messenger will automatically complete the Telegram registration
  • Telegram messenger automatically searches your contact to bring up all your friends that are already using Telegram.

Enjoy chatting with telegram Messenger without phone number now you can sign up on telegram Account without phone Number.

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