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How to protect your Facebook account from hackers

At first you try to login by filling in your password and username or email, and then a notification that your email/password is incorrect. Then you double check only to try again and still not be able to login to your Facebook account.

When was the last time you were active? You remember someone sending you a message, a private message on Facebook, you should vote their friend in a contest. You clicked the link only to find yourself in a page that requires you to login before you can proceed to vote.

Everyday we hear people complain that their Facebook account was compromised, a problem which will continue until users learn how to secure their Facebook account.

In a country like Nigeria with increasing internet fraud, social media accounts like Facebook are used to perpetuate these scams, leading to the high demand in Facebook accounts. Because of this high demand, stealing of Facebook accounts are on the rise since they have monetary value and can be exchanged for a few thousand naira.

Facebook recently began cracking down on suspicious account late 2018 by introducing the Facial/ID verification once their AI notices something fishy going on in a Facebook account like a change in password, identity and location. Most of these accounts after they are stolen are used for identity theft, by assuming that they are some US Military fighting in Afghanistan or a single mom with 3 kids and a pet. This format as they call it is used in getting the desired emotional appeal from unsuspecting foreigners. They do so by setting up a fake dating profile which allows them to extort from their victims.

Back to the Facebook accounts, there is a high demand for old Facebook profiles because they don’t easily gets flagged by Facebook Artificial intelligence so the reason why accounts of unsuspecting individuals are being compromised.


When you see a website suddenly asking you for your Facebook password, or a homepage that is made to look like the real Facebook homepage. Be careful they might be trying to steal your password.

One way to confirm if the login is from Facebook is by checking the URL, if it is, any other format including the one having a sub domain attached like is fake and might be trying to steal your password.

What are the solution?

There is little or nothing you can do if your account is compromised and the password is changed but you can be cautious of the type of websites you visit and your activities there.

Remember, no one can actually hack into your Facebook account unless they trick you into giving it to them.

Stay save!

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