How To Hide Phone Number On Telegram Account : Hide A Phone Number On Telegram

The telegram social media has been one of the most interesting social media people around the globe has lots of passion for using a telegram App. But some people has some quires about sign up on a telegram account.

Some telegram user would not like to sign up on a telegram account with there phone number.

Why some would also have to like multiple telegram account . And due to the inability to use one phone number to create a multiple telegram account we find it very important to high light you on how you can create a telegram account and hide your phone without making your phone number visible in your telegram account.

Every telegram user knows very much well that signing up on telegram required phone number. Many telegram users are anxious that their contact information will become available to the third parties, so users seek for  ways how to hide telephone number in Telegram. We prepared this article where you will find information on characteristic features of SMS verification and get to know how you can hide your contact on telegram .

Advantages of SMS verification

Currently, there are two ways to identify the userʼs personality in messengers:

  • via login and password;
  • via SMS containing a verification code.The reliability of the first variant gives rise to great doubts, all the more so as there are lots of situations when e-mail and social accounts were hacked by means of a password/login attack. The main disadvantage of such security is a possibility of logging in to a userʼs profile from any device providing access to a particular application.

Now we go to how we can easily create a telegram account without your phone or hiding your phone.

How To Hide A  Phone Number On A Telegram Account ?

Since is impossible to create an account with out phone number users of telegram can use one of the following methods in order to create a Telegram profile by hiding a phone number :

  • Use Skype. The given service offers the «Skype number» feature, by means of which you can call on mobile and corded phones. In such a way, it is possible to bind your account to Skype rather than to your own smartphone. It should be noted that such feature is not free – you have to pay about 50 euro annually for extra security.
  • Use another SIM card. It is not obligatory to bind your account to a SIM card which you use in your daily life. You may buy the new one for such purposes and hide it from all your friends.

There is no other reliable and secure way to identify your personality except the verification via SMS.

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