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How to get Facebook ad marketing right

A lot of people run Facebook marketing, and you often see a lot of them bragging about it, how they made 6 figures from Facebook ad in 6 days. Sounds more like a click bait for you to pay for their online courses they are selling on Udemy or directly from their websites. And sometimes you wonder why a 6 figure Facebook ad marketing guru is interested in your 20 dollars for an online course.

Most of these guys are genuine, some of them are totally selling crap and badly edited tutorials videos. You know every marketer is rich enough to convince you, because this is all we do. Convince you to sell something.

But then here is an advice I am giving out for free. I am not yet a marketing guru, I wasn’t even checking my tenses while writing these lines. You can do Facebook ad without following any laid down rule, that is the only way you can survive in an age where the Facebook algorithm are constantly changing. I said don’t follow the rules because they rules are getting outdated everyday.

One Facebook ad marketing advice that works

When you visit the Facebook ad manager dashboard, there is a lot you can do from creating custom audience, lookalike audience and even creating an ad template. But then the main problem lies in your targeting and creative. You either don’t know how to get to the right people or you don’t know how to send your audience the right message.

When you come to this point, you have to put your audience in your shoes. Questions like : Where do they live?, what are their daily activities?, which pages do they engage with most?, what are their activities off and on Facebook? When you get this right, your audience selection becomes ready for targeting.

Next is your ad creative, you can experiment with different ad format to see what your audience are most likely to engage with by tweaking the title, image, description and headline.

Facebook algorithm might change but these advice remains the same.

Put your audience in your own shoes, find out what they like and dislike using the audience insights, one of the best tools developed by Facebook to help advertisers better understand what they are doing. There is a lot you can improve using this tools. Improve your ad creative. A/B testing might be preferred for running a Facebook ad to an audience you know little about.

This is the only way to get Facebook marketing right rather than depending on a tutorial video or audio book that becomes ineffective after Facebook changes their algorithm.

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