Everything wrong with this Marketing picture Trending online

It is all over WhatsApp status and could have been shared on Facebook or even retweeted by your Favourite influencers on Twitter.

Everyone has a share of their opinion on this viral picture, but could they be correct?. Or am I the one not seeing their own perspective about marketing.

A shitty product with great marketing will go 10x further than a great product with shitty marketing.

So when I shared this quote on my status, tagging it as rubbish. I knew I had some intelligent friends that would come up with reason to support the quote.

From everything I have learnt all these years, starting my first digital marketing agency in 2016, and working with lots of brands in Nigeria. I would say it is difficult to sell a product if it is not of great quality and does not solve any human problem.

You end up charging a client a few hundred thousand Naira for marketing. Due to our reputation for delivering detailed targeting, we could get anyone enough app installs, website visit, brand visibility etc in just few weeks, and it seems at first that the our clients are getting exactly what they paid for. In fact majority of our clients who have great products end up making 6 figure profit. But then what happens to those who don’t have great product? They get people download their apps, but no one seems to be interested in using it, reason because their product is sub standard.

Here is a rule of marketing, something I learnt from Seth Godin, reading his book “Purple Cow”. Every marketing starts from the product. You make your product remarkable, something to talk about then you will not only be able to gather more users, but lasting users who will even go ahead to do the marketing for you via word-of -mouth.

In another scenario where your product is sub standard and you are hoping your marketing would do the magic. What happens if people finally get to purchase but can’t use it because it is not up to standard? It will be more like 1 million app installs, 1000 active user. Which is a massive failure, coupled with bad user reviews.

Everything I wrote above was my thought about marketing until Vicky called my attention to something I would never had thought about.

The Chinese

The Chinese ships sub standard product to Africa, especially Nigeria with Hundreds of millions of people who are always ready to buy. There is a huge market over here.

So this is what Vicky has to say;

“What about China phones? What about Tiger Batteries? How about our educational system? Shit well marketed in Nigeria as far as I know sells damn well, people aren’t even concerned about quality sometimes.

What about that Super eagles Polo? The marketing strategy was to make the players wear them, but the inferior ones sold more than the original.

It looks like a different marketing rule works for Africans, where we trade quality for cost. According to Tradingeconomics, the average Nigerian monthly income is about 120 dollars per month ( roughly 43,000 Naira) so this low income goes ahead to affect our purchasing power.

If your monthly income is 43,000 Naira and you have a quality phone of 30,000 Naira to buy which is more than half your income, and if you can buy similar phone with less quality for 15,000. Which one will you go for?

This is exactly what the Chinese did, they understood that we Africans live on low income, and could not afford the quality gadgets, so the decided to make lesser quality product that we can afford.

Another reason why bad products sell with good marketing is because of the absence of competition. With great competition, most companies will be forced to improve their product and get it up to standard.

So whether you agree with the quote or not. You are correct. We can either trade quality with cost, or either way spend on the best quality.

It all depends on your pocket, and the overall economy of your country.

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