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But there may be situation when you might be the one reaching out to me. I am available all through the weekdays, Monday – Friday. And off on Saturdays and Sundays when I am occupied with Premier League football, I am a Manchester United fan. Please don’t laugh

If you have questions with regards to any of the product review, just send me a email ofoegbuconfy@gmail.com. This includes corrections on the site, typo is sometimes my thing. Don’t fail to reach out if you are having issues making a choice on any tech gadget I review here. My whatsapp is sometimes open, not professional though but I need some techy friends to discuss with

Yes, I have a forum and some of my techy friends have something to say with regards to your question, just make sure to follow up the conversions and get your tech issues sorted out.

I am on Facebook, even though it is boring going through all the timeline stuff and I spend most of my time working on a client project on Facebook marketing. I am out to meet new people on Twitter also. Follow me!