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Askingquiz is a digital marketing startup founded by Chi Ofoegbu, a leading certified digital marketing professional in Nigeria, he holds conferences across the country especially around the South Eastern region.

Last year he was part of the organisers of techbuild, a digital marketing skill acquisition class for young aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking for opportunities to reach their target audience.

On November this year, he worked with student entrepreneurs across Federal University of Technology Owerri who wants to expand their reach in the school and beyond. Any business can reach its potential customers at the lowest possible cost, and thereby maximising brand exposure and profit.

Chi Ofoegbu is a facilitator of FUTO blogging masterclass, the first ever practical blogging workshop for students in FUTO and Fedpoly Nekede, it was held earlier in 2019 with more than 30 students in attendance and it all centred on how best small businesses can use their websites to get local and global dominance in a very competitive environment.

Currently, he buys and sells accounts, and makes most of his income reselling websites. You can always contact him for digital marketing coaching, branding for businesses that want to incorporate visual or textual storytelling in their brand awareness and campaign.

Chi Ofoegbu is a risk taker, an unconventional person and rarely follows laid down principles in carrying out his digital marketing business. He strongly believes that the world is fast evolving, and we shouldn’t hold on forever to the knowledge of yesterday but always seek new ways of getting thing done.

Chi Ofoegbu believes in Elon Musk, and that you can achieve anything you want in life if you don’t take life too serious.

You can contact him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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